Which state is best for a Kentucky retirement?


The top 10 states to retire in Kentucky are: Alabama – 9, Alabama is considered the most conservative state in the country and it is home to Alabama’s largest city, Birmingham.

Kentucky – 6, Kentucky is the second-most conservative state after Alabama and has the second largest population of retirees, with 8.8 million people.

Tennessee – 5, Tennessee is the third-most liberal state in America with about 10 million people living in the state.

New Jersey – 5 – New Jersey has the third lowest retirement rate in the nation and has about 2.7 million people of retirement age.

New York – 4 – New York is the most liberal state with about 11.3 million people in the workforce, making it the fourth-most progressive state in terms of retirement rates.

Iowa – 3 – Iowa is considered to be the most progressive state with just over 13 percent of its population aged 65 or older.

Florida – 3, Florida has the fourth most progressive governor in the United States and has 1.9 million people working in the private sector.

Pennsylvania – 2 – Pennsylvania has the highest retirement rate of any state in this country with 8 million people on the retirement rolls.

Tennessee is tied with New York in the top spot in terms the retirement rates with 8,000 people living on the rolls, which makes it the second most progressive states.

Source: MSNBC News analysis of data from the American Community Survey and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Census Bureau.