Which team will win the AFC South in 2018?


There’s plenty to like about the AFC North.

After a tough first half, the Ravens (12-5) were able to pull out the upset and the division title with a victory over the Steelers.

It’s a win the Ravens were hoping to secure.

The Ravens have had some good luck in the postseason.

They have three division titles and three conference championships, but they are 3-6 in the playoffs.

This was the best they could do and the Ravens will be happy with it.

The other two teams in the AFC East are still on the outside looking in.

The Patriots and Steelers will meet in the divisional round, but it’s not looking promising.

The Steelers are 3.5 games behind the Patriots in the conference standings, but Brady will have a chance to win the division on Sunday.

The Pats are 4-2.

The AFC East is looking pretty tough.

The Bengals are 2-4 and are coming off a loss to the Broncos.

The Chiefs have a bye this week and will play the Falcons next.

The Bills are 2.5-point favorites over the Raiders and Colts.

It seems like every team in the East is a favorite to win this division.

The Raiders and Chargers have had their struggles in the past few years, but the Chargers are coming into the season with a chance for a deep playoff run.

The Colts are 1-4 in their last five games.

There’s a good chance this divisional race will end in a tiebreaker.

The Dolphins and Saints will meet on Thanksgiving Day in Miami.

The Saints are 2 1/2 games back of the Dolphins in the NFC South.

The Cowboys are 3 games back in the playoff race and could go all the way if they win out.

The Chargers have a win in Week 13, but if the Saints lose, they’ll fall out of contention.

The Seahawks have a loss in Week 9 and are 3 1/4 games behind them in the West.

The Titans have a home game against the Rams on Thanksgiving.

The Rams and 49ers have a lot of talent in their locker room, but both teams have struggled to win games.

The 49ers are coming from a 0-5 start and have lost two straight.

The Vikings are 2 ½ games back.

They’ll need to win out to have a shot at a playoff spot.

The Bears will be in the mix for a wild card spot after beating the Eagles in Week 15.

The Eagles are 1 ½ games behind and will be playing for their first playoff berth since 2005.

The Jaguars are 2½ games behind.

If the Jaguars win out, they could end up in the top 10.

The Falcons are 2 games behind, but their playoff chances look bleak.

The Browns have a road game in Week 14 against the Steelers and will face the Saints in Week 16.

The Packers will have their bye in Week 11 and will head to Dallas to face the Cowboys in Week 12.

The Jets will play in Week 17, but have to play a game in Washington, D.C., on Thursday night.

The Broncos have a three-game losing streak against teams in their division.

If Denver loses out, the Broncos would be eliminated from the playoffs and would have to go through the wild card game to get back into the playoff picture.