Which NFL player will break the record for sacks in a season?

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KXAN – NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo breaks down which NFL players have the most sacks in an NFL season.

Garafalo says it’s tough to pick one player out of every season, but the answer to the question is obvious: The Atlanta Falcons’ Adrian Clayborn.

He has been a rock-solid sack machine, finishing with a whopping 11.5 sacks.

The Falcons are coming off their first playoff appearance since 2012 and their fourth straight postseason appearance.

But Clayborn has had some injury issues this season and he’s struggled with consistency.

That’s not good enough for a player who has already broken records.

Clayborn will get another chance to show he belongs in the top 10 when the Falcons play the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday.

Clayborne has the tools to become a great player, but he’s had to overcome some tough times to reach that status.

NFL Network: Watch Garaflo break down Clayborn’s performance in the NFC Championship Game.

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