Which New York Times staff members are gay?


As New York’s largest newspaper moves to an openly gay front page, the Times staff is grappling with its own gay newsroom.

In a sign of how quickly the newsroom is changing, the staff of the paper’s newsroom has announced plans to be openly gay for the first time, with a new front page article coming online Thursday.

The Times will feature a photo of a man in his mid-50s with a rainbow flag at the top of its page, with the headline “Man on top of a rainbow.”

The article will be published online and will include an image of a new staff member with a big smile on his face.

The person in the photo will be named “Brett.”

The person who was not in the new article will have the name “Beth” on the cover of the newspaper.

The article, which will be posted at the bottom of the front page in a rainbow banner, will feature an image from the Times’s news department of a person standing on a bridge, with words “Brick wall” written in a dark red marker at the base of the sign.

The name of the person in that photo will appear on the back of the masthead, just below the headline, “The Times is changing.”

The Times did not announce the person’s name until Wednesday.

Times managing editor Joe Gebbia said in a statement Thursday that he had been considering the possibility of using a new name since the newspaper’s editorial board voted to change its name to “The New York Post” in August 2015.

The move is in response to a report published in the March 2016 issue of The Advocate, which described the Times as “the world’s oldest bastion of white privilege” and that gay people “have not had their day in court.”

The story was published in full and has since gone viral, garnering more than 500,000 comments and more than 7,000 shares on Twitter.

The paper has been publicly identifying itself as the New York Daily News since March 2015, after the publication’s editorial boards voted to rename itself the New Jersey Post in December.

Gebbian said that after the paper announced its decision to change the name in December 2015, he felt the “right time” to announce that the newspaper would change its identity.

“It’s a recognition of what we believe in, and we think that this is the right thing to do,” he said.

The decision to name the paper after a racial slur is a “small step in the right direction,” Gebbania said.

“But there’s no denying that this was a small step in recognition of a history of bigotry, and the ongoing and growing persecution of LGBTQ people.”

The decision also comes after the newspaper last month changed its name from the “New York Times” to “the New Jersey Times” after its board approved a plan to change it to the “The News of the World.”

The paper, which is owned by News Corp., is the largest newspaper in the U.S. and is the subject of multiple investigations by the British newspaper The Independent.

It also owns The Guardian, which has been under investigation by the U

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