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Posted November 06, 2018 05:04:16 The Big Apple is set to be hit by another winter storm, but this time, the wind won’t be so strong.

The forecast is looking for temperatures in the upper 30s, with wind gusts of 35 kilometres per hour (18 mph) and rain, but the cold front is expected to pass through the area this weekend.

A cold front can cause damage to buildings and cause power outages.

In recent years, winter storms have battered parts of the US, including New York City.

But this time around, the forecast is not looking good.

In December, the storm left at least 17 dead and dozens more injured in the US state of New York, with more than 700 injured.

On Saturday, the National Weather Service in the city of Buffalo, New York issued a warning for snow in the region and warnings for heavy snow, ice and wind.

The storm is expected, with up to a foot of snow falling in New York.

The city has been hit by an ice storm, and the weather service is warning of up to 2 metres of snowfall in the area.

A weather warning is also in place for parts of Connecticut and Massachusetts, as well as parts of Vermont, New Jersey and New York state.

It is not yet clear how much the storm will cause damage or how widespread the snow will be.

The snow will also affect flights.

Some of the most damaging snowfall occurred in New Jersey, where a storm surge was recorded at 7.8 metres (23 feet), according to a US Geological Survey report.

The Storm Prediction Center has said that the cold wind will pass through much of the area, with gusts up to 35 kilometres (18 miles) per hour.

Weather forecasts for Saturday are also looking good for the New York area, according to the weather bureau.

The predicted storm will pass over the southern US early on Sunday.

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