The latest breaking news meme to feature @mcallen on Facebook


Facebook’s biggest trending meme in the last two weeks has been the MCallen meme, which features a young girl with a big red ball inside a balloon.

The meme has been shared more than 8 million times on the social network, according to data from Trend Micro.

The MCallens’ version of the meme was first posted to Facebook in December 2016 and has since been shared by celebrities including Lil Wayne and Taylor Swift.

The ball in the balloon, which looks like an M, was recently rebranded as the “M” balloon, and now features a black background and red letters spelling out “M,” according to Facebook.

The original meme’s original caption reads, “It’s a ball.

But it’s bigger than you think.”

In a post on Tuesday, Facebook said it had removed the Mcallen from its Trend Micro database because of a copyright infringement complaint from the girl’s mom.

In the post, Facebook described the copyright violation as “very serious” and said the company is reviewing the situation.

“We took action against a family member of a minor girl who used an M callen on her Facebook page in violation of Facebook’s policy,” Facebook said.

“We are reviewing this matter to ensure that we are not making a mistake.”