How to help the Kenyan earthquake survivors

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The Kenyan people are living through one of the most powerful natural disasters in history.

The earthquake and tsunami struck Kenya on Wednesday night, bringing with it more than 4.4 million people.

Many of the fatalities are thought to have been caused by the tsunami, which is now at least a day’s journey away from the epicentre of the disaster.

We were able to help a lot of people in Kenyatta and surrounding areas.

There were many rescue workers and volunteers in Kenya who are trying to do a lot to help those people.

We have some special measures for those people who need them.

The most important thing is to get them back home safely.

I want to see the first wave of the tsunami arrive safely and we want to make sure they are well cared for.

There will be some delays but we are doing everything to make them as comfortable as possible.

Kenya has received more than 9,000 people to its refugee camps and we are ready to welcome them.

We want to welcome everyone and I am happy to welcome Kenyans and all Kenyas who are affected by this disaster.

There are so many Kenyattas who have come forward to help.

There is so much hope that the people who are able to make a new life for themselves and for their children will be able to get back to their communities, to rebuild their lives.

The people in my constituency are the people of the Kenyan diaspora.

They come from all over the world and they have been given a chance to rebuild and to help their own communities.

They are a very big part of the country.

The diasporas are coming to Kenya to help with rebuilding and I know that they are eager to help Kenyatans and people who have lost everything.

It is the most important task of all.

I am confident that they will do their best to help people in need.

The government and people in the country are all working to make the best of this moment.

I know the people in Kenya and we all know how hard it is for people to make ends meet and to support their families.

We are all ready to give them the best help possible.