How to find out how much a restaurant has paid for parking for its employees


LOS ANGELES — If you have to park at a restaurant and have a reservation for the next four hours, you could end up paying $500 more than you would have had you not been there.

Walgreens in downtown L.A. has been using a new measure to track how much it has paid its employees for parking since it began doing so about a year ago.

The measure, which is being used in its largest-ever contract-based deal, allows employees to report the amount paid by a restaurant in their payroll statement when they enter the restaurant, according to a statement from the chain.

WALGERS: WALGAX Pays $5,000 for Parking at Its Retail Locations (ABC News) WALGOWS: WAGONER PAYS $5K FOR PARKING AT ITS PROPERTY Locations (Walgreen) The Walgreens contract requires its workers to submit to a yearly fee for the cost of parking and the parking spot they use for the duration of their employment.

Walgens employees have been reporting their paychecks for years to the chain, which has a separate system to track payroll.

Walgens says it has been doing the same with the new fee, and it is the largest contract-only program the chain has.

The company also plans to use the information it has collected to improve its parking policies, including requiring its employees to use paid parking when their car is parked at a grocery store.

Walgreens employees have reported their pay cheques to the company since at least 2006, when they were first asked to file monthly payrolls.

Employees were not required to file those reports in the first place, according, according Walgills spokesperson, David McBride.

In the new contract, employees are able to report any payment they have received from a restaurant on their own payroll statement.WALGREENS SAYS THEY HAVE AN INSURANCE PROBLEM WHEN IT COMES TO PARKING: WALL STREET JOURNALISTS APPROVE OF WALGREWS PARKING PLAN The Walgreen contract includes a $500 fee for each parking spot a Walgros employee uses for the four hours they are employed at a Walgreen location.

The company says it plans to expand the program in coming years, which it says could lead to a savings of up to $10 million a year.

As of Oct. 31, the company had paid out more than $12 million in parking-related refunds to employees and their dependents, according the company.

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