How to avoid a new Ebola outbreak in Oklahoma


The Oklahoma Department of Health said Wednesday it has begun testing residents for the deadly virus and is working with other state health departments to find a way to contain the spread.

The state began testing the public on Monday and will expand testing for all Oklahomans by Oct. 30.

In a release, the state said the testing has not yet been able to detect a single case of the virus in the state.

The department said it will test about 10,000 Oklahoms this week.

It said the outbreak is a “public health emergency.”

The department urged residents to wash their hands with soap and water before touching anything that could become contaminated.

“Oklahoma has a history of high rates of EVD cases and transmission in this state,” the department said in a statement.

“We need to make sure our health care system and the communities we serve have all the tools they need to contain an outbreak in our state.”

In the United States, an outbreak has been in the air for weeks.

The virus has been detected in several states, including New York, California and Texas, but the cases are far from widespread.

It has been traced to the air travel of several West African countries including Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, and the U.S. has no confirmed cases of the disease in the U:S.

The outbreak has also been spreading in Europe.

The latest cases in Spain have prompted a call for a ban on flights from Spain to the United Kingdom and the Continent, and for Europe to tighten border controls.

Spain’s Health Minister Josep LluĂ­s Trapero said Thursday that the outbreak was not linked to the arrival of the Liberian man who was infected in Madrid.

The man had flown to Spain from Guinea on a private jet, Trapera said.

The Liberian who arrived in Spain is being monitored by Spain’s national health agency, Traverso, Trafic said in an email.

He was being tested at Madrid’s airport, where there are quarantine procedures.

Traperan said the man had tested negative for the virus, and it was unclear if the man was infected.

On Wednesday, the World Health Organization (WHO) warned that the spread of the Ebola virus in West Africa could take weeks or even months.

WHO spokesman Joost Oerlemans told reporters in Geneva that he did not expect any new cases from the man who arrived from Guinea.

“There are two possibilities, one is that he has already arrived and it could take time for it to spread to other people in West African and it will not be possible to prevent this,” Oerlems said.

A U.N. expert warned Wednesday that countries could fall victim to the spread and said it was imperative for the international community to step up its support for West Africa.

“It is important to recognise the seriousness of the situation and to take measures to ensure that West African states have the capacity and the capability to contain this outbreak,” said Dr. Andrew Chan, head of the WHO’s Department of Global Health.

Chan also warned of a dire situation in the region.

“What we have seen in the past months is that the Ebola pandemic has gone into a deep freeze,” Chan said.

“So we are very concerned about the spread, and we have to be concerned about it.”

Chan said West Africa was not only a potential site for an Ebola pandemics, but also a potential base for a second one.

“The international community should take immediate action to provide the capacity, support and support to West African nations to deal with this crisis,” Chan told reporters.

Chan said the United Nations was also sending a team to Liberia and Sierra Leone to provide support.

“This is the right moment for the United Nation to step in and provide this kind of support to Liberia,” Chan added.

A UN official said the group was expected to be in Liberia this week to work with Liberian officials.

The WHO said that the first cases of Ebola in West Central Africa were found in Liberia, and two others have been found in Sierra Leone.

The United Nations has so far recorded more than 6,000 new cases and an additional 5,000 deaths in West East Africa, the agency said.

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