WISCONSIN BREAKING NEWS: Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois, Nebraska, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Minnesota and Ohio counties report at least 3 cases of the coronavirus


WIREFILE | WIREBREAKING NEWS | WISNECOMING CONVIRUS: A woman with a rare genetic disorder says her family has a second chance in life, after being infected with the coronavia virus and given a second shot of the powerful drug Sovaldi.

The Associated Press reported Tuesday that the mother and daughter have been hospitalized in St. Paul after being given the Sovaldi shot on Tuesday.

The mother had a temperature of 104.3 degrees.

She had a blood test on Wednesday.

The daughter, who had not yet been diagnosed, had a high fever and is in stable condition.

The child is in critical condition, the hospital said.

The Wisconsin Department of Health said the family was in critical care and had not been treated for the virus.

The hospital said the child was treated for a fever and taken to a local hospital for treatment.

It did not provide further details.

The AP did not say how many people were in the home.

The county is about 75 miles northeast of Milwaukee.

Wisconsin has reported more than 400,000 cases of coronaviruses, the highest number since 2003.

In Wisconsin, the most recent case was in February, when a 22-year-old man died of the virus, after contracting the coronAV-19 strain.