When the Trump Administration Will Stop Killing Our Own Journalists


The White House announced a major escalation in the killing of journalists in the United States on Wednesday, as it announced a new order that will authorize the U.S. government to order journalists to report on certain events and topics they believe are not in the public interest.

The order will also expand the number of journalists who can be targeted by the government for assassination.

As The Hill reports, “The order also directs the National Security Council to consider whether it is appropriate for the president to declare a national emergency to prevent the reporting of certain events or topics.”

The order would also allow the president, in effect, to declare war against reporters who report on the actions of the U,S.

military or intelligence agencies.

The new order comes as the White House has ramped up its rhetoric against the media and has threatened to withhold federal funding for news organizations.

The White Trump Administration announced a sweeping plan to destroy the press during a speech at the National Press Club on Monday.

It called for an end to all news organizations that do not support Donald Trump’s policies, and the administration has pledged to continue its efforts to silence independent media organizations.

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