New ‘Cougar Town’ Will Become ‘Cats Town’ With Cougars, Tigers, Rottweilers, Ducks



— The new name for the city where two of the top baseball teams in baseball history played a season in a time when the city was considered a baseball desert.

“Cats” is the new moniker for the new baseball town that will be called Oakland.

The move was made Thursday after a city council committee unanimously approved the plan to change the city’s name.

Oakland has a population of about 5,400.

It’s a city of about 20,000.

Oakland’s former name was Los Angeles.

The city’s new name is a nod to the history of baseball and its birthplace.

The team’s home park, Oakland Coliseum, was originally named for the California state capital.

Oakland was renamed by the city in 1966, the same year the Oakland Athletics won their first World Series championship.

The new moniker, however, honors the team’s hometown.

The name change comes after Oakland’s baseball team, the Oakland A’s, won the American League Central Division title and was the most-visited team in the U.S. with more than 8 million fans.

The A’s were the first Major League Baseball team to open an MLB franchise in the city.

Oakland had a strong presence on television, with the team airing games on ABC, CBS, Fox and ESPN.

The MLB team moved to Oakland in 1957 and its home ballpark became known as “The House That Jack Built.”

The new Oakland moniker honors Oakland’s history.

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