How to keep your car safe when you’re out for a ride


KSTP Staff article There are plenty of safety precautions you can take to help you keep your vehicle safe while you’re in the car.

Here are some tips to keep you safe.


Use the car seat properly.

KSTM learned that when it comes to getting your car safely in the back seat, you don’t need to take a seat belt.

They also found that many people don’t use the seat belt when it’s too tight.

“When the car is in the rear passenger seat, most people don.

But when the car’s in the front seat, they’re not using the belt,” KSTMP’s Steve Stegall said.

When you’re getting your vehicle out of the backseat, you should always wear the seatbelt.

If it’s a small child, it’s recommended to wear a small back seat belt and be careful to keep it on for the car seats safety.


Be careful when it rains.

You can expect some rain during the winter.

The rain is a major hazard and when it hits, your car can slide.

Steglall said that if you’re not careful, you could hit the water while trying to get out of your car.

“There’s a lot of potential for injury when you fall,” he said.

“So you need to be very careful and be aware of the water that’s in your vehicle.”

He also recommended wearing a helmet and always wear it under your seat.


Always have the right license plate.

Some people believe the license plate is more important than the car, Stegalll said.

But if your vehicle is on the highway and you have no license plate, you can lose it if it hits something.

“That plate will come with the car and the owner,” Stegll said, “so you should have a license plate.”

If you do have a valid license plate and you’re still not wearing the plate, he said you should also wear a seatbelt because the plates are more vulnerable.


Always keep your windows up and close.

“If you are on the road, there’s always a window that can be hit,” Stellman said.

If you have a window open, it will be harder for a car to pass and a driver could hit you.

If a window is open, you need a window and your windows will be covered up.

When the window is closed, you’ll be more vulnerable to hitting the road.

Stellmell said if you are in a vehicle that is on a road and your window is not up, you may not have the ability to see what is going on behind you.

“You need to have your window up because it will make it more difficult for a driver to hit you,” he added.

Stelling said when your windows are open, they are not as protected.

“It is also possible for someone to hit your windows if you do not have your windows open,” he explained.

“Your windows are your window, so if you don.t have a windows up, your window will be more exposed.”


If someone is driving you and you get into an accident, get medical help.

If an accident occurs, you might be in danger.

“The only way to get medical attention is if someone is not paying attention,” Stelling explained.

If your car is hit by a vehicle, it can be extremely dangerous to the driver.

“Even if they are paying attention, it may be very hard to get them out of there,” Stells said.

So, even if you’ve got the car running, keep your window closed.

If anyone does hit you, the window will get covered.

“Stay calm and be sure to have the window up,” he advised.


Use a seatbelts and a car seat.

KStMP learned that a seat belts are more effective at preventing injuries in the event of an accident than a car.

While the seat belts have been shown to help prevent accidents, Stelling noted that they are less effective in preventing serious injury.

If the seatbelTS are on, they will protect you from the impact, but they will not stop you from sliding or hitting the ground.

“They don’t help you when you have your eyes closed,” Steller said.

In addition, he suggested that you use a seat strap or car seat that has an eye-cover to protect your eyes from hitting the vehicle.


Get the car out of gear.

It’s important to get your vehicle into gear and out of drive.

“In the back seats, the car will slow down a lot more than the front seats,” Stiglall said, because they’re less likely to get hit by other vehicles.

“But when you get to the back of the car in the sidecar, the front wheels are not going to slow down very much,” Stlgall said; “they’re just

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