How to find the best coffee shop in Atlanta


The top three coffee shops in Atlanta are located in the Atlanta suburb of Cobb County, according to data collected by the coffee giant.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution found the following top three cafés, ranked by average daily daily sales and coffee sales per person.


J.J. Bakery at The Park Market (Atlanta, GA): 929 daily sales per 100 people, 4.6 cups of coffee per day2. 

Bartender’s Deli at The Square Market (Ga.: 10.3 daily sales, 1.9 cups of iced coffee per person)3. 

Cafe de Coffee at The Fountain (Atlanta: 2.3 per day, 2.9 per person).

Café de Coffee is located in Cobb County.

You can buy coffee at several different places in Cobb, and each location has its own specialty coffee.

A regular cup of ico is $2.99, but a specialty cup costs $3.99 and includes coffee.

The prices of specialty coffee are generally lower, though, and often include drip coffee, which is a drip machine that produces more espresso.

Cafe De Coffee’s sugar and spices are made from whole-bean coffee beans.

The coffee is served in iced cups, and iced cappuccinos are also available.

Some of the ico-flavored iced drinks include iced black iced tea, iced mint iced water, ice cream and ice creams.

If you’re looking for a coffee shop that’s more of a café, then the Coffee Shop on Spring Street is probably your best bet.

It’s located in a trendy neighborhood, has a full-service espresso bar and has a coffee-centric menu.

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