Which MLS clubs are getting rid of the yellow card?


The new season is here, and for many of the league’s marquee clubs, the new calendar year is just beginning.

The teams are all going through their own internal transition processes, and in some cases, the clubs are removing their red cards from the books to reduce costs and speed up the process.

But for a number of the top teams in MLS, the changes will come to a screeching halt at the end of the month.

Here are some of the teams that are set to be eliminated:Orlando City, New York Red Bulls, Philadelphia Union, Seattle Sounders, New England Revolution, Colorado RapidsThe Orlando City SC club that was recently fined $30,000 for its second yellow card in two games for Sebastian Giovinco is also set to lose its third in two.

The club also is being sued by MLS, after it was fined for having players wearing red jerseys for the first time.

The league said it was trying to prevent a repeat of the incident that caused the fines, which came in March of last year.

The Lions were fined $15,000 and are set for a potential $18,000 fine for the second yellow.

New York Red Bull, which has had red jerseys in front of its players for years, is also in the process of eliminating its third yellow card this year.

In January, the club was fined $25,000 by MLS for violating the league policy of never wearing yellow.

But on Saturday, the Red Bulls’ captain was wearing a red jersey for the fourth time this season, and the league is trying to have it removed. 

New England Revolution have also seen their yellow cards go away.

Last year, the Revolution played the Montreal Impact in a friendly and the club said the decision was based on the league rule of never being caught out in the field of play.

But the league reversed the decision, saying the team had to wear a yellow card because the match had been postponed due to rain.

This year, MLS decided to suspend the team from the league until May 11, 2019, when the league would look into the matter. 

Philadelphia Union, who recently earned their third yellow for a red shirt violation, is still the only team to have its red card gone this season.

The Union lost midfielder Nick Rimando for the season with a hamstring injury on March 5, but they are still in the midst of a lengthy legal process and have yet to officially release him from the team. 

Seattle Sounders, who have already been fined $20,000 each for red-shirting violations and red-shirt violations last year, will not be fined this season for the red-flashing of players.

The Sounders were fined for yellowing the legs of midfielder Kyle Beckerman and goalkeeper Stefan Frei. 

Colorado Rapids, which was fined a total of $12,500 last year for yellow cards and red cards, is set to see its red cards removed in October.

The Rapids have yet another red card case on their hands this season when defender Matt Hedges is suspended for six weeks without pay for a second yellow after an incident with a teammate. 

Sporting Kansas City is set for the most changes in the league, as it will remove its yellow cards.

The Impact and the Rapids are set on the other end of things. 

Vancouver Whitecaps have seen its red and yellow cards reduced to a maximum of $500.

The Vancouver Whitecaps were fined and have not been reinstated by the league. 

St. Louis FC will be forced to pay $15k in fines and suspension for its red-flag violation in 2016. 

FC Dallas will have to pay a total fine of $25k to MLS for red flag violations. 

The New York City FC club will be fined $2,000 after being found guilty of yellowing a player’s legs for the sixth time in 2017. 

Houston Dynamo have been fined more than $30k for yellow card violations this season and will see red card suspension removed.

The Houston Dynamo were fined a combined $25.5k by the MLS and U.S. Soccer and were banned from the top flight for three years. 

Toronto FC will see its yellow card suspension lifted in September 2019. 

Columbus Crew SC will have a new system in place for players who are sent to the sidelines for yellow and red card violations, which will also allow for teams to cut their yellow card penalties in half. 

Portland Timbers will have red cards suspended for a third consecutive season for a violation involving a player that resulted in a yellow for both the player and a second red card. 

Sounders FC will have yellow cards suspended until 2019 and its suspension reduced to $1,000 from $5,000. 

LA Galaxy will be allowed to use red cards on players who were flagged for yellow. 

Orlando United SC will no longer be able to use yellow cards on defenders, and all of the players will be suspended for one match and then fined

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