This is the first time I’ve seen a ‘Halloween’ costume in the wild, says an artist who’s making a Halloween-themed dress for people


NEW YORK — A costume designed to look like the classic ‘Holland Buses’ Halloween costume has broken out in the streets of New York City, drawing comparisons with the viral phenomenon that is ‘Hollywood’ and creating a frenzy of interest.

In this first example of Halloween-inspired streetwear, the dress is based on a 1930s street-wear collection that has become a popular fixture in cities across the United States and abroad.

It’s called ‘The Halloween Suit,’ and it’s based on the 1930s clothing line of ‘Holly’s Buses,’ which became synonymous with the popular holiday.

A number of different versions of the ‘Hoot’ costume, from a classic suit to a more casual one, have become popular in recent years.

This is the only one that has ever made it into the streets, the artist told the Daily News, and it has captured the imagination of people around the world.

“I had no idea it would become so popular, but I was really inspired by it,” said the artist, whose name has not been disclosed.

He is working on the dress for the ‘Dress of the Day’ project, which is a collaboration between a number of prominent fashion designers and fashion houses, and a large collection of streetwear brands.

But there’s more to the costume than just a look.

The idea is that it’s more than just just a costume.

According to the artist and the designer who helped create it, the costume is a celebration of the original, classic ‘hollands’ costume.

In the 1930’s, Hollands Buses became a popular holiday for American families who could afford the cost of a costume and would dress up in the costume for a day or two, said the designer.

They were also an expression of the American dream, with a sense of freedom and individuality.

That spirit has continued into the modern era, and the ‘hoot’ is no different.

For example, the original costume has become something of a symbol of the new wave of street-style clothing, said designer Livia Cunha.

Cunha, who has collaborated with fashion houses including Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs, and Gucci, said that she’s inspired by the iconic ‘Hooters’ costume that debuted in 1981.

While it’s not the first Halloween costume to break out in public, it’s the first in the U.S. to do so, said Cunba.

“I’ve seen other Halloween costumes from countries like France and Germany, but none that have caught on,” she said.

She’s also inspired by how the costume became a symbol for freedom, individuality, and being different, and is inspired by a few of the people who are involved in the design of the costume.

“It’s very much a personal story,” said Cuntba.

So far, Cunja has sold out of her dress and the fashion houses are all involved in selling her designs.

Although the ‘dress’ is a new thing, the ‘dance’ that has been a staple of the Halloween season is an old idea, Cuntva said.

It’s not really a costume anymore, but it still has a special place in our lives.

Its very personal and it doesn’t have a specific message, she said, adding that the costumes are always inspired by what’s important to them.

To date, about 10 million people have seen and purchased the dress.

Hollands Busses was the first American brand to launch a streetwear collection and was named one of Fortune magazine’s 50 Most Powerful Companies of the 20th Century in 1935, according to Forbes.

About 75 percent of the clothing is from the 1920s, while the remainder is from 1930s to 1940s.

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