Teenagers in Idaho are being accused of making up the crime that killed a teen who was allegedly gang raped and then tortured with a wooden stick


Idaho Falls, Idaho (CNN) Teenagers in the tiny Idaho Falls area of the state were caught on video allegedly making up a crime that saw a 19-year-old woman die of her injuries.

The woman was allegedly attacked on July 1 by a group of young men in her apartment complex who allegedly raped her and tortured her with a wood stick.

The attack occurred as she was working as a bartender.

Her body was later found in the woods.

In court documents, investigators allege that the suspects were teenagers from the nearby town of Luling.

Their names were not released.

The case is still under investigation.

Police have said they are looking into a possible connection to the case of a 23-year old woman who was sexually assaulted in the same apartment complex where the woman was raped.

Authorities said the woman is a student at a nearby community college and that investigators believe she may have been the victim of an act of domestic violence.

In the weeks since the attack, the victim has not been seen in public.