How to purchase BTC using Coinify


You can now buy BTC using Coinbase and the Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform, Coinify announced.

Coinify users can now purchase bitcoin with the help of a new QR code, a QR code reader, and a smartphone app.

The new payment system is part of Coinify’s “Blockchain of Things” initiative, a program that aims to provide access to blockchain technology to people around the world.

Users can purchase bitcoin using the QR code on their smartphones or the app.

To purchase bitcoin, a user first needs to purchase the “wallet” which is an online wallet that will allow the user to buy bitcoins, said Coinify CEO and founder, David Boulanger.

Users will be able to purchase bitcoin through the QR codes, which can be purchased for $5.

Coinbase currently provides the bitcoin wallet service.

The company said that Coinbase is a partner in the Bitcoin Wallet for Digital Assets, a blockchain platform that allows users to store bitcoin in a digital wallet.

“We are pleased to be working with Coinbase to support this new way of purchasing bitcoins,” Boulangers said in a statement.

“We are excited to help Coinbase build a more convenient and seamless way for people to buy bitcoin with a QR Code, a mobile app, and our partnership with Coinify.

This means we can offer a bitcoin payment service to a much wider audience of people who are not able to access it through our existing online bitcoin wallet.”

Coinify has partnered with Bitcoin Wallet, the leading Bitcoin wallet, and the digital currency exchange service BitPay to provide bitcoin wallet services.

Coinbase said it will continue to offer the bitcoin-wallet service as part of its “Block-Chain of Things.”

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