How to catch the Zika virus: Live coverage from the Miami area


Miami-Dade police say they are responding to a call from the city’s police department that the Miami-dade County Health Department is investigating a possible outbreak of Zika in the Miami Beach area.

The Miami Beach Health Department confirmed the investigation on Thursday morning.

The department says it is currently conducting a public health investigation and is looking into whether the reported cases of Zika are related to the Zika outbreak in Miami.

The CDC is also conducting an investigation into whether there is an outbreak in the city.

The first cases were reported Friday morning.

Miami- Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez said the county health department has been asked to expedite the investigation into possible Zika cases.

The health department says all Miami-area cases of the virus are under control and all confirmed cases are in the hands of the state and federal government.

The mayor said they will take precautions to ensure the safety of residents.

Residents who have been affected by the Zika case are advised to wear face masks, avoid getting on public transportation and avoid sexual activity until further notice.

There is no known vaccine, but Gimenez says the state is working on that. 

“I want to reiterate that all of us are working diligently to get the virus under control.

We have already begun taking steps to make sure we can minimize the impact that this could have on the people in the county,” Gimenez told reporters Thursday morning, adding that the city will be fully prepared. 

The county health commissioner told reporters that Miami-s residents can expect to see an increased number of people reporting symptoms and possibly fever if they live in areas where the virus has been found. 

Miguel Ochoa, director of the Miami Health Institute, told the Associated Press on Thursday that more than 2,600 people had tested positive for the virus in Miami Beach, a city of some 6,000 people. 

Ochoa said the CDC and state health department are coordinating the testing.

He added that the county is also working to ensure that there are no new cases in Miami-Hollywood and other neighborhoods where Zika is suspected. 

More: Miami-based health care provider and travel expert Dr. Jeffrey S. Miller told ABC News that he is worried about Miami–area residents who are not immune and that it is possible that there could be more cases in the area.

“It is possible they have some type of viral illness.

That would be concerning.

That’s why I am worried about that.

But it’s also not a cause for concern, he said. 

Miller said he does not believe Miami- residents should avoid the area if they have been tested for Zika, because there is a high level of protection. 

ABC News’ Alanna Mazzola contributed to this report.

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