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Posted August 09, 2019 12:48:48The WA Government has cancelled two WA schools and ordered the closure on the Western Australia Government’s Western Australia Public School, following an incident in which three students were injured in the school’s parking lot.

A number of students at the West Perth School, on the corner of Swanston and Mervue Streets, were injured on Tuesday evening, when a man in a black Nissan car smashed a door window, smashed a window with his fist and kicked another student.

“This was a horrific incident that occurred at a school parking lot in Perth’s CBD,” WA Education Minister John Day said.

Students and staff at the Western Australian Public School were advised to stay at home and avoid the area as the incident is under investigation.

Western Australian Premier Colin Barnett said the school was not safe, and would remain closed.

“We know that we are not a safe place to be for young people to be exposed to,” he said.

“We are not safe for our young people who may have had access to the school and have been exposed to violence.”

Mr Barnett said there was no threat to the students or staff at this time.

He said the incident was being investigated and it would be appropriate for the school to close.

WA Government schools to reopen as early as Friday afternoonStudents and teachers at the school have been advised to take their children to schools or stay home, WA Premier Colin Bennett said.

“I’m really sad about it, but we are dealing with it at the moment,” he told ABC Perth.

The school is on Swanston Street and Mews Streets.

Mr Barnett added that the Western Area School would remain open until Friday afternoon, while students would be allowed back into the school by late afternoon.

“What is really sad is we have been working really hard on it and I think we will be able to reopen on Friday,” he added.

State Government apologises for ‘horrible incident’West Perth School was closed on Tuesday for the safety of its students and staff, and was closed by state government on Wednesday morning.WA Government spokesman Adam Jones said the “horrible” incident was under investigation and the school would reopen as soon as possible.”WA Government apologies for the horrendous incident that took place at the WA Public school in Perth on Tuesday, August 8,” he wrote on Facebook.

West Perth Principal Greg Jones said there were “no injuries, there were no students, and no staff injured”.

He said there would be a full investigation into the incident.

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